Exchanges are temporarily withdrawing cash, data is garbled, or the Amazon server failure in Tokyo

According to Yahoo Japan, the Amazon Web service failed at around 13:00 on August 23, 2019. The service that failed was EC2. The communication part of the Asia-Pacific server (ap-northeast-1) in Tokyo area failed. After that, it was The EBS performance attached to some instances has deteriorated, and the EC2 API has also added delay and error descriptions. Subsequently, EC2 also added the issue of managed database service Amazon RDS connections.

Affected by this, "Azulene", "Grasma" and other games have failed, in addition, affected by the cryptocurrency exchange.

According to the information of the Currency Exchange, the Currency Exchange has suspended the replenishment of all currencies. In response to this problem, Chan Chang, CEO of Changan, said that the Amazon server AWS encountered some problems, mainly in the cache service, which led to the impact of some users around the world.

KuCoin official Weibo also said that due to the high temperature of some racks in AWS Tokyo A machine room, it may affect our services, resulting in some services being unavailable. Currently, the operation and maintenance team is preparing to deploy high-availability related resources across regions. What happened. Some services may be affected during deployment.

Other exchanges have also had problems such as instant pinning, data confusion, etc. There are 40 bitcoins in the exchange where the price of 0.32 US dollars is traded. Whether it is caused by the failure of Tokyo Amazon service, Shenzhen Chain Financial is still further verified.

Source: Deep Chain Finance