Magic Cube founder Rudy: The launch of DNC coins can speed up the trading speed of DNF coins

On the afternoon of August 23, at the "Breakthrough and Hangzhou Blockchain Game Forum", Magic Cube founder and CEO Rudy said that the blockchain can solve the problem of activating game users. Game users use Game Pass (Game). Token) makes the game's consumption and gets the dividend of the game's income. Subsequently, Rudy announced on the scene the launch of DNC coins linked to DNF coins 1:1. He pointed out that DNF coins are the built-in gold coins of the online game "Dungeon and Warriors" ("DNF"). Although there are shortcomings such as high handling fee, high process and slow speed in the transaction process, the market demand is still strong. DNC coins are linked to DNF coins and float up and down with the in-game gold exchange rate, which can provide users with simpler trading methods, speed up the market circulation and reduce transaction fees.