Financial industry: Digital currency will open the development of digital trust

Yao Jiangtao, Chairman of AVIC Trust Co., Ltd. and Zhou Ziheng, Chairman of Zhejiang Modern Digital Finance Technology Research Institute, signed the article "Digital Legal Currency Will Open Digital Trust Development", pointing out that China's economy has entered the historical period of digital economic development, digital legal currency The issuance and operation will directly bring about the explosive development of digital finance. Among them, digital trust finance will be given priority, starting from scratch, from small to large, from one of the important infrastructures of digital finance to leading the development of high-tech digital financial industry. The article stated that digital legal currency does not participate in currency creation, does not generate interest, and needs to start digital trust to realize its investment function; digital trust is the best legal arrangement for digital legal currency, and helps to form a digital legal currency fund pool, expand and deepen Digital financial system.