The sky is really a pie! Many exchanges traded abnormally, and more than 40 bitcoins were sold for 0.3 dollars.

Earlier today, Amazon's Amazon Web Services (AWS) had a bug that caused unusual transactions on numerous exchanges in the currency circle, and an epic "missing" opportunity came.

First look at the king of the currency circle – bitcoin. At 14:17:39, the Bitcoin/USDT "stunned" two transactions, the transaction price was $0.32 and $0.35. In many "five-digit" price groups, at that moment, some netizens joked that bitcoin was simply "white."

What makes people even more sober is that one of them has sold 45 bitcoins. This is equivalent to a direct net profit of 3.18 million yuan.

From the BTC's market chart, it is also possible to reproduce the moment when it is possible to achieve "hierarchical leapfrogging". The price instantly ranges from more than 10,000 USDT "cliff diving" to 0. But then it returned to normal.

It is not only bitcoin that can make a fortune, but also Litecoin. On BitMax, LTC plunged from 70 USDT to 0.02 USDT around 14:20 today.

Let's take a look at the alternative "Black Friday" in the currency circle today.

At present, because of the Bug impact of Amazon AWS, BKEX, BTMAX, CITEX, and HOPEX have all had a chance to get rich in the sky.

According to the information of the Currency Exchange, the Currency Exchange has suspended the replenishment of all currencies. Some netizens said that because of the server bug, they earned 300,000 yuan in the currency.

Previously, Zhao Changpeng released Twitter in the afternoon, saying that AWS encountered some problems, mainly in the cache service, which led to the impact of some users around the world.

KuCoin official Weibo also said that due to the high temperature of some racks in AWS Tokyo A machine room, it may affect our services, resulting in some services being unavailable. Currently, the operation and maintenance team is preparing to deploy high-availability related resources across regions. What happened. Some services may be affected during deployment.

According to PeckShield analysis, there is a problem with the AWS Japanese machine room cache server used by the currency security, which will cause the real-time data synchronization between the client and the server to be misaligned. There may be various problems:

1. The order submitted by the user is not accepted in time, which causes the second order to affect the user experience;

2. The price information that the user sees is different from the real price information, which causes the user to make a wrong order judgment, which makes the order difficult to achieve or causes losses to one party after the transaction. In short, AWS server issues can affect the user experience, while the price anomalies seen on other platforms are determined by their mechanism of evaluating the current price, and do not reflect the actual transaction price, resulting in the user making the wrong transaction judgment.

Yahoo Japan reported that it started at around 13:00, the Amazon Web service failed, the service that failed was EC2, and the communication part of the Asia-Pacific server (ap-northeast-1) in Tokyo had a failure.

BHEX founder and CEO Ju Jianhua said that this is the alarm bell, the importance of a safe and stable exchange system for the trading and lending business abnormalities of many exchanges.

For the financial system, availability is a very central technical indicator. The digital currency industry is still in the early stages of development, and the technical structures of many exchanges are relatively primitive and cannot withstand unexpected situations.

At the beginning of the BHEX trading system, we set a goal: the entire system to achieve 99.99% high availability.

As the industry accelerates, it is believed that more users will realize the importance of a secure and stable exchange system. The first step is to let go of the side, and then feel the embarrassment of netizens not long ago.

Some netizens bluntly said that the anomalies of many exchanges in the past few minutes seem to have caused the currency circle to pass back to the tens of thousands of Xiaoyeian eras, and some people’s wealth has really been completed in 5 minutes.

It is worth mentioning that Amazon AWS has also stood in the middle of the storm of public opinion in the currency circle because of mistakes. In April last year, hackers first invaded Amazon AWS and robbed MyEtherWallet, losing about 500 ETHs.

At the time, the hacker hacked into the upstream ISP eNet of Amazon AWS and sent a fake route broadcast to its peer-to-peer network. The hacker used one of the servers to launch a man-in-the-middle attack, and the MyEtherWalle client stole more than 500 ETHs (about $350,000). MyEtherWallet has posted a message saying that the user's wallet was looted because it was transferred to the phishing page and is currently verifying the server.

Source: Shallot blockchain