Analysis: Through Amazon AWS failure events, users can clearly feel the depth of the exchange and the amount of brushing

This afternoon, due to the failure of Amazon's AWS, Coin suspended all currency debits. Since some exchange market data uses the currency security API interface, there are also abnormal situations, even serious enough to affect the exchange's transaction, recharge and coin withdrawal process. Well-known security companies in the industry said that there are currently three kinds of trading anomalies, one is that the trader bought more than 40 bitcoins at a price of 0.32 yuan, one is a trader who sold the ADA for more than 300,000 yuan, and One trader bought multiple ETHs at a price of 0.53. The emergence of these problems is directly linked to the depth of the exchange. Therefore, the user can clearly understand the depth of the exchange and the amount of brushing. And some exchanges will create fake transaction screenshots with this event to attract traffic.