Analysis: RunTo funds disk PlusToken suspected transfer cash, Chinese model currency or due to the needs of users and project parties

According to PeckShield's chain address monitoring data, the PlusToken control starts with a 1M1Tfs BTC address. The 5775 BTCs are distributed to several addresses after multiple transfers. Each address has 50-150 BTC, which is suspected to be further transferred. The exchange address is sold out of cash. However, due to the particularity of the BTC UTXO model, it is not possible to determine whether the transferred address is held by the exchange. In fact, the reason for the success of the model currency is that it meets the needs of users and project parties. The ultimate goal of the project party after the currency is to sell the tokens, whether in the primary market or the secondary market, all ICO, the big exchange and the implementation model are for this purpose.