The Boca Experimental Network Kusama has been officially launched and will be gradually converted from PoA to PoS network.

Gavin Wood, founder of the cross-chain project Polkadot, announced that its experimental network Kusama was officially launched at 9:30 am Swiss time. In the first 1-4 weeks, 50 to 100 verifiers will be bound to help them prepare. During the period, Kusama is also a network run by the Web3 Foundation under the PoA Consensus. It only supports Staking, nomination and voting. Transfer operations are not allowed. The Polkadot team emphasized that Kusama is not a test network, but rather a "canary-net". It is said that the Kusama network is designed in the same way as Polkadot, which is equivalent to the experimental network in front of the Polkadot main online line.