He donated $100,000 in bitcoin to the Amazon Rainforest but was dismissed by BitPay.

The controversial cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay rejected a $100,000 donation to the Amazon Rainforest Charity.


BitPay is caught in the regulatory vortex

The non-profit organization Amazon Watch (which is responsible for supporting the ecology and aborigines of the Amazon rainforest) revealed on Friday that the money was not approved by BitPay.

The charity said that due to the constant fire in the Amazon forest, the donor tried to donate cryptocurrency but could not complete the bitcoin payment.


Since Amazon Watch couldn't directly contact the donor, he called for BitPay on Twitter to ask for help.

The reason for the alleged rejection of the transaction was that Amazon Watch’s maximum payment limit was set at less than $100,000. BitPay is currently assisting the organization in receiving this payment.

Developer: Give up BitPay and choose to decentralize

This incident further aggravated the controversy of BitPay, which has caused dissatisfaction among some community members in recent years, including the promotion of Bitcoin Cash, indicating that it is a more attractive alternative to BTC, and its subversion to other subversives. Support for sexual ideas and technical issues led the company to lose several important customers.

Software engineer Alex Kaul realized that it was ironic to make third-party artificial restrictions on the open and decentralized bitcoin network, calling on Amazon Watch to abandon BitPay and switch to an open source alternative.

Last year, a similar situation led to the selection of BTCPay by US travel agent CheapAir.

This month, BitPay lost some users due to mandatory introduction of KYC and AML rules. The same thing happens with LocalBitcoins. The platform used to be the preferred P2P trading platform for the community, but it was resisted by community members because of the need for compliance.