British judge ordered no income from hacker Grant West's $1 million cryptocurrency illegal income

On Friday, the London judge ordered the confiscation of a $1 million bitcoin and other digital currency by a computer hacker. At the South Walker Criminal Court, Judge Joanna Korner ruled that the 27-year-old Grant West could be confiscated for a cryptocurrency worth 922,978.14 ($1.13 million). Grant West was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison last May for conspiracy to defraud, possess criminal property and possess drugs. The judge stated that he must obey the confiscation order or face an additional four years in prison. Prosecutor Kevin Barry said that the volatility of bitcoin prices often led to double-digit intraday price volatility, which made prosecutors feel a headache when setting the value of confiscation. The cryptocurrency seized at the time of West’s arrest in September 2017 was worth £1.6 million ($1.95 million).