Data show: three large transfers occurred within one hour today

Beijing chain chain monitoring system found that three large transfers occurred within one hour today, namely: multiple addresses transferred to 33,706 BTCs of 1Li4mUc3hCGMB6cgQiJCwTvLMYwkfKHZY8;
Multiple addresses are transferred to 6839 BTCs of 1Gc91za7TDhjszU5gkdZLJzV2dqjN1Nnji; multiple addresses are transferred to 36469 BTCs of 1H2zrVQxU3ymunr9CunjoActooLW2ryQK7;
After traceability, the relevant transactions can point to the active giant whale address frequently seen in the media this year: 14BWH6GmVoL5nTwbVxQJKJDtzv4y5EbTVm, the address is also considered to be the relevant address of the suspected PlusToken, but from its latest move, the relevant huge BTC is doing the split and then There has been a phenomenon of large-scale aggregation, and it has flowed into an independent address, which will not affect the market temporarily.