Research: Tether sentiment may provide an opportunity to manipulate currency prices

A new study by Augmento shows that there is a positive correlation between Tether sentiment, market value and price, which may be manipulated or utilized to create arbitrage opportunities. Augmento pointed out that Tether's mood does not seem normal. Comparing positive and negative emotions, it can be found that negative emotions dominate, and during the press release, intense discussions reached their peak and then quickly disappeared. When considering this and the changes in market value and price, it found a premonition effect. The market value changes that occur as the market's popularity soars are likely to indicate that the market will rise further within 8 to 12 days. It is often found that the soaring Tether sentiment either occurs before the price falls or during the down period. On social media, market value increases are often accompanied by FUD (fear, uncertainty, and suspicion), which can cause currency prices to fall. Therefore, you can purchase the USDT at a discount when the price falls, and resell it at a normal price by deliberately spreading the FUD. If the allegations that Tether manipulates Bitcoin through its market value are true, then measuring the market value of Tether by measuring sentiment will be a useful sign.