Winklevoss brothers talk about bitcoin: "Wall Street is absent-minded"

The founder of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange and the Bitcoin promoter Winklevoss brothers said that retail investors still benefit to a large extent from the encryption market.

In an interview with CNN Business on August 22, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss gave their views on Bitcoin as an investment, industry risk and the way the traditional financial sector treats this new asset class.

Although many people think that Bitcoin is too risky for ordinary investors, Tyler believes that, on the contrary, in terms of encryption, retail investment or personal investment is still one step ahead of financial institutions.

Cameron added: “Bitcoin is the most similar to gold in all traditional investments and is a new means of value storage in the digital age.” He said that although the market may fluctuate, it is the future. He emphasized:

“We have to invest because we are worried about missing the opportunity and we cannot afford to miss this future.”

Although the brothers are as keen to show that they are willing to liaise with the regulators, Cameron said: “Compliance is at the heart of our business.” Nevertheless, they have issued warnings to some extent and continue to give people recognition of encryption-related risks. Knowing the shadows.

Tyler believes that Facebook's Libra has not even been launched (no one has used it to do anything illegal), but there has been a regulatory debate surrounding it.

He stressed that although Bitcoin may be used by the bad guys, such as the Silk Road and the Internet research institute of the Kremlin during the 2016 US election, many of them are now in prison.

He pointed out that smart criminals do not use bitcoin because it has become very easy to track with the development of increasingly complex blockchain forensics tools.

As recently reported, the Winklevoss brothers expressed their willingness to work with Mark Zuckerberg on Libra, but it is important to note that they still need to know more about the full details of the project.

Author: Xiran Ding

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