The data shows that Bitcoin is rising for a short time and is still in the shock zone.

At 8:00 on August 24th, Beijing time, the ChaiNext 100 index, which reflects the overall trend of the cryptocurrency market, reported 915.81 points, up 3.15% in the past 24 hours, with a turnover of 32.42 billion US dollars. The turnover decreased by 11.68% compared with the previous 24 hours. 77 of them rose and 23 fell; ChaiNext 5, which reflects the performance of large-cap blue-chip cryptocurrency, reported 805.54 points, up 3.36% in the past 24 hours, turnover was 26.796 billion US dollars, turnover decreased by 11.56% compared with the previous 24 hours; Bitcoin bubble index ( The BBI Index was reported at 87.57 points, up 1.18% in the past 24 hours; the USDT OTC Index was at 99.36 points, down 0.49% in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin quickly rose last night, but the magnitude and volume were insufficient, which did not constitute a breakthrough. The shock zone has not been broken.