Blockchain games are breaking out, where is the future of investment? | Hangzhou Blockchain Game Forum

Whether it is a distributed ledger, a consensus mechanism, or a smart contract, blockchain technology has become a "place for military strategists" because of its strong application prospects in games. What is the status quo and dilemma of blockchain games? Where is the next point of the blockchain game? What are the investment opportunities for blockchain games?

On the afternoon of August 23, the “ Breakthrough and Hangzhou Blockchain Game Forum ” jointly hosted by Magic Cube and Yuzawa Network Technology was held in Hangzhou.

The event invited guests from Magic Cube,, BitMart, NEO, Chain Fish, Unitopia, the original chain, time stamp capital, origin capital, JRR and other institutions or projects to give speeches or participate in roundtable forums.


In the opening speech, Magic Cube founder and CEO Rudy introduced the current situation of the Chinese game market , the positioning of the Magic Cube platform , the concept of Game Token and the DNC coin linked to the DNF gold coin 1:1 .

In 2018, the size of the Chinese game market reached 38 billion US dollars, and the number of game players reached 700 million. The growth of the game market is 20% per year. Rudy said,

The original "blockchain + game" idea was generated by brainstorming with Chen Tianqiao (the chairman of Shanda Group) in the villa of paloalto: using blockchain technology to solve the problem of game user incentives .

Later, Rudy and his American partners jointly created the MC (Magic Cube) platform. MC is a blockchain-based entertainment decentralized ecosystem. In terms of games, MC helps the game developers to use the smart contract to issue Game Token (GT, Game Token) to break the current difficulties of the game and subvert the existing The pattern of the game industry.

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Rudy said that early users would be more likely to dig out GT, and GT output would be reduced as bitcoin . As the number of users increases, the demand for GT increases, as the content of the game increases. The increase in consumption of GT leads to a premium. Users use the trading behavior, game behavior and completion of platform tasks to 100% mining, such as copying, investing in water, playing cards, opening boxes and other effective value behaviors.

The usage scenarios of the GT include behaviors such as consumption in the game, bonuses of the game revenue, and transactions with the MCC (Magic Cube Coin, MC platform currency) in the built-in MC trading platform.

Rudy emphasizes that for game developers, GTO (Game Token Offering) is conducive to improving the consumption and retention of gamers , and creating transparent game output values ​​for unions, agents, and large users through smart contracts, and improving users through real-time transactions. The liquidity of virtual value.

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Regarding the trading and circulation of MCC, he said that in addition to launching the mobile MC trading platform, MC Mall was also launched. As the MCC circulation exchange platform, users can redeem a large number of card coupons in the MC Mall, providing postal services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covering a wide range of cities across the country.

In his speech, he revealed that the current MC Mall channels include KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs, Meituan Takeaway, Laiyi, Baiguoyuan, QQ Music, Netease Cloud Music, Iqiyi, Tencent Video, Youku Video, Didi Chuxing, Sinopec, Cat Eye Movie, Jingdong, Tmall, Suning Tesco and many other businesses.

After introducing the basic situation of MC, Rudy officially announced the launch of DNC coins linked to DNF gold coins 1:1.

For many players, Dungeons & Warriors (DNF) is more than just a popular online game, it also represents your youthful memories. Its built-in gold coin DNF is one of the charms of the game. Players can get DNF coins through gameplay such as playing monsters, which can be used to purchase game props or as a scoring unit. Rudy said,

DNF now has about 2 million active people per day. It produces gold coins worth about 30 million yuan per day. Users consume gold coins worth about 50 million yuan per day, and gold coins worth 4 million yuan are dug up by the studio. DNF coins have a huge trading volume and there are huge business opportunities.

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However, there are still many pain points in the trading of DNF coins , Rudy pointed out,

The first is "expensive", the handling fee is 5%-7%. The transaction amount limits an account to only trade 1 billion gold coins per day;

The second is “difficult”. The level of the counterparty is too low and the high level cannot sell excessive gold coins to the lower level; the individual role is divided into the upper limit of the role by level;

The third is "slow" and requires manual delivery. It usually takes 1-24 hours to arrive. In addition, the traditional DNF currency trading methods, including face-to-face transactions (need to be traded on the same trading channel; need to be added as a friend to trade with the channel), mail (mail system is carried with you, when the mail is idle) There is a need to add the other party as a friend to mail, and there is a mailing fee and an upper limit), there are pain points.

Rudy said that the launch of DNC coins will solve the existing pain points of DNF coins. The DNC coin and the DNF game currency are equivalent to 1 gold coin equal to 1 DNC coin. DNF coins are linked to DNC for trading. As the in-game gold and gold exchange rate fluctuates, the prices in different districts will also be different.

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He pointed out that DNC ​​coins provide users with easier trading methods, solve the problem of deposit limit of gold coins, etc., speed up the circulation of the market and reduce the handling fee in the transaction. “100,000 transactions per second, 2 minutes to the account is cheaper; 0.3% of the handling fee is 1/20 more secure; data is on the chain, warehouse and user funds can be queried in real time.”

He also revealed that players can obtain gold coins through game behavior, and then replace staking into the exchange warehouse to obtain a discount share through early private placement price through the online recharge MCC or CNY transaction.

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Subsequently, chief consultant Fan Fan, Bitmart founder and CEO, NEO ecological development manager Nigel, Bo founding capital founder and CEO Luo Wei, core music founder Shen Qiqi and other guests delivered a speech, and came from Members of the chain fish, Unitopia, the original chain, time stamp capital, origin capital, JRR, Bitblock Capital and other institutional projects or investors participated in the roundtable forum.

The wonderful views are as follows:

Fan Fan ( Principal Consultant):

Affected by factors such as supervision and delivery, the DAPI of asset certification and financial attributes is difficult to land. The game has a natural landing gene, including its own trading scene, its own community, and the combination of blockchain games and decentralized exchanges (DEX) can both pull new (to bring money, expand the community), Can be retained (develop products, build brands).

Schulte (Founder and CEO of Bitmart):

The advancement of compliance and the gradual disappearance of the dividend period have led to aggravation of the head effect and decentralization is the future development trend of the exchange. Game virtual assets are issued and traded in the form of non-homogeneous tokens (NFT), with three major advantages: transferring game props between different games (supporting repeated calls of game assets); allowing public player records to be recorded and in-game Pass; establish the same identity on multiple games and platforms.

Shen Qiqi (Founder of Core Music):

The intuitive change that blockchain technology brings to games is the use of its Token items. Token props are effective behavior recording tools in the game system; Token props are tools for balancing new and old players; Token props are economic incentive tools for sheet metal players to pursue profit-seeking and non-sheet players. Token is a game product. Financing tools for docking capital markets. In addition, China is the place where the value of virtual assets is the largest, and all online effective behavior should be valued. The most suitable application of blockchain technology is the virtual product field, and all kinds of pan-entertainment projects are tried.

Qian Lei (Unitopia CEO):

Traditional games need to buy users, and blockchain games can reward the cost of acquiring users through incentives from economic models. Traditional games do chain changes. If there is no good pass model, it will probably fail. For traditional games, Pass is a double-edged sword. It is good to make money while playing games. This is a good thing. Only now users of blockchain games are speculative users, and they are still at the stage of exploration. No one knows when there will be an explosion. As far as the economic model is concerned, "Leitz Dog" and "Catch the Demon Together" are not blockchain games. In this time window of the current big factory blank, the first intruder may make a pop-up game.

Mandy (founder of the chain fish):

In addition to asset trading, the design of the economic model of the economy, blockchain game developers should also strengthen technical interactions, such as reducing the threshold of use through the protocol layer, helping traditional game developers to better enter the chain travel industry.

Li Kaiyuan (mainer than the original chain product operation):

At present, the industry's most lack of game block planning for blockchain technology, Tencent, electric soul and other large players with mature game teams infiltrated into the blockchain industry, will form a huge driving force.