Encrypted exchange Beaxy or lost $570,000 due to a vulnerability incident two weeks ago

John Galt, an analyst with cryptocurrency intelligence company SharkCIA, said that two weeks ago, the crypto exchange Beaxy lost 44 bitcoins and 111,000 XRP in the "partial payments" vulnerability, worth $570,000. Galt also pointed out that the exchange's main bitcoin wallet has reduced funds by 95%, which means it may run out of funds unless it has other reserves. Currently, Beaxy is encouraging users to deposit more funds into the exchange. Note: On August 12th, XRP saw a sharp sell-off on the cryptocurrency exchange Beaxy, resulting in a 62% lower price on the Beaxy than other exchanges. Due to this “unusually high volume activity”, Beaxy quickly stopped all trading activities on its platform when investigating the situation.