PeckShield: PlusToken runs 480 million XRP transfers

At 13:39 this afternoon, a large transfer transaction occurred on the XRP chain. The address at the beginning of rNfRpq transferred 484,775,570 XRPs to the address at the beginning of r3C9BX, worth about $130 million. The address of the originator rNfRpq of this transaction is the XRP part of the PlusToken running asset. Previously, PeckShield monitored that the BTC part of the PlusToken running asset had been frequently transferred, while the ETH part and EOS part of the assets had not changed. In view of the recent wallet running events, PeckShield reminds users to pay attention to identify some suspicious "fraud" wallets, carefully participate in investment, to avoid loss of digital assets, and call for major exchanges to mark the address. To assist in the timely freezing of influx of dirty funds.