Ping An Property Insurance Qiu Xuhang: Blockchain technology can solve the problem of agricultural enterprise development

Qiu Xuhang, head of the Ping An Property and Casualty Smart Agricultural Ecology Project, recently said that in the process of investigating the characteristic agricultural industry in the poverty-stricken counties, we found that the most widely used blockchain technology in the financial sector can solve the development problems of agricultural enterprises. At the financial support level, relying on the blockchain algorithm to automatically record and permanently store mass production information, solve the problem of lack of financing and insurance underwriting due to lack of credit risk control and insurance underwriting; business management support, through encryption algorithms, information is not available The characteristics of tampering, to achieve food safety tracking, reduce the probability of risk, at the same time, can help enterprises to improve the management norms to provide basis; sales circulation, with distributed ledgers, no delay transactions, to achieve the docking of farmland and online sales platform, for poverty alleviation Agricultural products reduce intermediate channels and broaden sales; thus, we have formed a preliminary concept for the traceability platform of smart agricultural production and marketing.