US FDA may use blockchain to improve review and recall of pharmaceuticals and medical products

According to CoinDesk, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may use blockchains to improve the review and recall of pharmaceuticals and medical products.


(Source: Pixabay )

On August 22, FDA Deputy Director Dr. Amy Abernethy said in a speech at the third Interoperability Forum of the National Office of Health Information Technology Coordination that the FDA is seeking to implement medical care in a modern way. Communication between health care providers, drug manufacturers and regulatory agencies.

Abernety said the FDA plans to promote the use of artificial intelligence, application programming interfaces (APIs) and blockchains, but has not disclosed details. Improvements in interoperability (the way organizations process and share information) can affect the review process for new drugs.

She said:

I hope that the FDA can reorganize its technology so that emerging technologies can 'quickly intervene' and we can respond quickly and efficiently. We need to have a common interface within the industry to enable data transfer, collaborative review and other functions between organizations.

Abernesi said that source traceability means that workflow solutions can be cross-checked. In this sense, the blockchain's ledger is immutable and can guarantee the quality of data from many sources.

Abernesi also mentioned a communication system that provides real-time information and data to regulators. The system speeds up the review process as the FDA agent will be able to exchange information with the medical device manufacturer.

In addition, improvements to medical product regulation will help “determine when to recall products or adjust product labels”. With the perfection of data flow, Abernesi said that medicine can become more targeted and patient-oriented.

Abernesi also serves as the chief information officer for the FDA. She finally pointed out that the system will be launched "after a month or two."