Adam Back: As a neutral free market currency in geopolitics, the power of Bitcoin doubles

Blockstream CEO Adam Back commented on Twitter's several characteristics of Bitcoin: 1. Compared to the new “golden” reserve, crypto punk is more interested in anti-censorship global payment methods. The former is just a deployment method, and it is attractive because it does not require permission and “no need for a bank interface”. 2. As a hedge against geopolitical uncertainty and inflation, “new gold” has proven to be the driving factor for adoption, while As a use case for anti-examination payment methods and value storage, the adoption wave has also been adopted. People use different ways to appreciate bitcoin. 3. “New gold” makes Bitcoin itself an investment category. Anti-examination payment methods without value storage are more difficult to invest in – you must invest in a startup to monetize the unlicensed payment for review. The characteristics of “new gold” attract gold lovers and investors, and let more people touch Bitcoin. 4. Therefore, it is clear that Bitcoin is both a neutral free market currency in geopolitics and “new gold”; Value storage is also a means of payment for anti-censorship. It is more valuable and useful than pure payment. 5. As a neutral free market currency in geopolitics, the power of Bitcoin doubles. Gold is not suitable for payment because it cannot be used in electronically unregistered form and is far less convenient for trading in Bitcoin.