Maker Foundation: tried to register as a trademark with DEFI but has not been approved and will not continue to apply

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, the Maker Ecology Development Foundation tried to register the "DEFI" trademark in January this year, but has not yet obtained approval. DEFI is the abbreviation for decentralized finance in the cryptocurrency industry. Maker said: “The Maker Foundation acquired the DeFi trademark in order to use this trademark for the entire community, and to avoid being pre-registered by other malicious people. We have seen some projects trying to register 'stablecoin' as a trademark. We don't want this to happen. The Maker Foundation has not yet obtained the DeFi trademark, and will not continue to apply. We understand that the community has the ability to protect itself, so I am sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding caused by this." Previously, MakerDAO registered the “DeFi” trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The applicant was the Maker Ecological Growth Foundation (MEGF), and the community reacted differently.