2019 officially opened than the original global developer conference

Babbitt reported that on the morning of August 24th, US local time, "2019 than the original global developer conference" officially opened at the FortMason Cowell Theater in San Francisco, USA. The conference attracted technical talents from the United States, Russia, India, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Zambia, Venezuela and other countries, including stable currency payment systems, supply chain finance, contract development tools, education technology and other fields. The work will compete for the final winner.

This conference is the second time to hold the blockchain global developer conference than the original chain. The conference invited Matrixport partner Daniel, ETCLabs director Darin, MATPoolCTO Jin Lei, Celer co-founder Dong Mo, Multiplied founder Nancy, Algorand engineering research People Naveed, Harmony co-founder Nick, Yingxintai Capital Investment Director Will and many other industry heavyweight guests.