2019 Bytom DevCon 2丨: EDC Labs director Darin Kotalik: Science education is a huge challenge for the public chain in the next few years

Babbitt reported that on August 24th, the US local time, "2019 than the original global developer conference" officially opened in San Francisco, USA. On the round table with the theme of “Challenge Challenges and Trends”, Darin Kotalik, director of ETCLabs, believes that popular science education is a huge challenge for the public chain in the next few years. People must have a basic understanding of the blockchain and clearly understand the public chain and The difference between private chains. Harmony co-founder Nick White said that technology, regulation and application are the three most important challenges. VP James also agreed with the original chain project that commercial applications are urgently needed to be solved. He said that Bystack was launched to address this issue than the original chain, hoping to speed up the application.

At the same time, Alaged Ihsanullah, head of engineering research at Algorand, believes that large-scale applications require a large number of developers, even global developers, to participate in the development and application of user needs and actual use cases. Harmony co-founder Nick White believes that DeFi is a good use case for the blockchain, but it still has problems in terms of maturity, security, and supervision. Currently, games are the best breakthrough.