2019 Bytom DevCon 2丨金磊: MaaS organic connection calculation and calculation

Babbitt reported that on August 24th, the US local time, "2019 than the original global developer conference" officially opened in San Francisco, USA. MATPoolCTO Jin Lei introduced in the speech entitled "MaaS: Mining as a Service" that MATPool is an official mining pool than the original chain, with stable operation and low delay. It currently contributes about 11% of the total network's computing power and supports real-time. Earnings report, WeChat applet monitors account status, abnormal status SMS or push notification in real time. At the same time, MATPool's PoS Staking service currently supports multiple currencies such as Ontology, NEO, IRIS, and Public Trust.

In the speech, Jin Lei pointed out that the GPU mining machine is time-consuming and expensive in converting the mining currency. For the novice, there is a high threshold, and the supply and demand sides of the GPU computing power are isolated and unable to connect. In this regard, MATPool launches MaaS for ordinary users, provides mining machine hosting service for the supplier users, simple setup, convenient access, and automatically finds the highest profitable currency for users; the demanding user can find the required computing power at any time. Flat rate, billed by minute.