2019 Bytom DevCon 2丨Paypaw: Based on a better payment platform than the original chain

Babbitt reported that on August 24th, the US local time, "2019 than the original global developer conference" officially opened in San Francisco, USA. According to DalinHuang, representative of Paypaw (parpper), the conference project, Paypaw is a payment platform based on the original chain (Vapor side chain), with two main functions of QR code payment and bill management. When talking about the original intention of Paypaw, Dalin said that we can now transfer data to the world in a near-free way. Why can't we transfer money for free? We need a better payment system, and the near-chain DPoS side chain provides near-instant transaction confirmation, TPS is high, security is good, so the choice is based on the development of such an application than the original chain.