2019 Bytom DevCon 2丨James: PoW is the best consensus algorithm for public chain

Babbitt reported that on August 24th, the US local time, "2019 than the original global developer conference" officially opened in San Francisco, USA. On the round table with the theme "Challenge Challenges and Trends", Darin Kotalik, director of ETCLabs, believes that regardless of PoW or PoS, there is no difference between different levels of consensus, and the focus is on what kind of problem you want to solve. Compared with the original chain project VP James, PoW is the best consensus algorithm for the public chain. After all, it has been running on Bitcoin for 10 years and has been verified. DPoS is highly centralized and may be relatively dangerous.

In addition, Alaged Ihsanullah, head of engineering research at Algorand, said that when large-scale application of blockchain occurs when users are using it but are not aware, users can use it without having to understand the technology behind the application. Harmony co-founder Nick White once again emphasized that games are an excellent use case for blockchain technology. The game can help more users understand the blockchain and there are no financial applications in terms of regulation.