2019 Bytom DevCon 2丨林浩宇: Naturally supports multiple assets than the original BUTXO model

Babbitt reported that on August 24th, the US local time, "2019 than the original global developer conference" officially opened in San Francisco, USA. Lin Haoyu, the core developer of the original chain, said in his speech that the BUTXO model based on the original chain is based on Bitcoin UTXO, naturally supports multiple assets, and introduces the Gas mechanism. Assets are created by smart contracts for issuing assets and can be used for different smart contracts. in. At the same time, different UTXOs cannot communicate with each other. At the scene, Lin Haoyu also gave a brief introduction and explanation of the code of SimpleBrain Wallet, decentralized trading, and hosting contract. Taking the unlocking of the company's shares as an example, it introduced how to lock through the recursively defined smart contract. And unlock the assets in batches.