2019 Bytom DevCon 2丨Will Wang: User first, technology behind

On August 24th, US local time, the "2019 than the original global developer conference" was officially opened in San Francisco, USA. At the round table on the theme “Investing in the Future: How to Find Investment Opportunities”, Matrixport founding partner Daniel Yan believes that Hong Kong and Singapore are the best places for encryption in Asia. Fire Coin consultant and AusvicCapital investment director Will Wang took a strategic perspective on the choice of location. He believes that the choice of location is important to the combination of technical strength and talent, from this perspective.
In addition, Fire Coin consultant and Ausvic Capital investment director Will Wang believes that users are first, technology is behind, many startups often fall into misunderstanding, indulge in technology, ignoring user needs and experiences. Cecilia Li, head of investment/cooperation at OKcoin, said that when investing in projects, not only look at the team, but also the overall market environment. Everything can be clarified, and the key is whether the asset itself has demand and value. Taxa. Amino capital EIR founder TF Guo suggested that investing in encrypted assets can, but it is best not to trade, "Just build and hold".