Market Analysis: BTC oscillated sideways at the key support level of $10,000, waiting to see

At present, the market still maintains a sideways volatility. For the time being, there is no intention to choose the direction. However, I personally think that although the market does not immediately choose the direction, the rhythm of the entire market has been the news of MYZ upgrade. Gold has risen and the cryptocurrency has risen. Now we What we see is the diminishing marginal effect, that is, the market is too lazy to do so, so the funds have already indicated the attitude. Since we do not want to go up, we only continue to move sideways and shock down the two trends, in such a relative Above the high position, the longer the sideways time, the more disadvantageous it is for the bulls.


The BTC is still oscillating sideways at the key support level of $10,000. Now the news is weakening the face of the disk, and then the target will follow its own trajectory. As mentioned earlier, this is a falling relay form.

The move is waiting for the 5 antenna's head to go down. Now the 5 antenna has turned back again, the volume continues to shrink, macd returns to zero axis and begins to diverge again. It is more favorable to the short position. It is very high that the round will start again and break the low point of August 15th. I have not hunted the bottom, but I still wait and see, and then I will return to the support level of 9,000 dollars.


The prospect of ETH's technical progress is worrying, and it will definitely affect the price of the target. We see that the target has a slight counter-pumping, but the volume of the counter-draw process is difficult to read, and the market is not enthusiastic. The market is also unlikely. The possibility of further decline is relatively large. There may be two kinds of movements after the target. One is to oscillate sideways, but to continue one of the moving averages. If there is a sideways volatility, it may be after the shock. There will be an upward rally.

However, I still tend to continue down, because at least I have not seen any panic sentiment so far. The other thing to mention is that the target does not have its own independent trend. Most of them follow the pace of BTC, so it should be more Pay more attention to BTC.


BNB's downward trend has been basically clear, the moving average system is short-selling, and the macd indicator is diverging downward again below the zero-axis. At present, only the amount of the breakthrough exceeds 30 dollars to reverse the downward trend, but the current possibility is not large because of the transaction. The volume is gradually shrinking. Personally, the down cycle has already started. From the current trend, the decline should be carried out along the 5 antennas. The first target of the downside is around 24 US dollars. Personally, the support of 24 US dollars is very large. Probability will be broken down, pay attention to risk.

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