Digital currency economists expect BTC holders to reach 500 million Xapo CEOs by 2020, which is highly likely

Digital currency economist Tuur Demeester said in a tweet: "The adoption of bitcoin generally follows the trend of the Internet. In 2014, I made a prediction that the number of people holding BTC will reach 500 million by 2020. Afterwards Come, I think it would be estimated that 5 million holders may be too optimistic at the beginning of 2014. I suspect that by the end of 2015, this number may be less than 5 million.” And Wences Casares (Xapo CEO) estimates that currently Bitcoin has 60 million holders. He said, “After 10 years of continuous efforts, BTC now has more than 60 million holders, adding more than 1 million holders per month, and trading more than $1 billion a day on a global scale, which is highly likely to be achieved. ”