Community's comments on Coinbase Custody's acquisition of Xapo's business

After the news of Coinbase Custody's acquisition of Xapo's institutional business, the community's response revealed complex emotions and considerations about the dynamics of emerging hosting: from excitement about the upcoming impact of institutional investors, to concerns about monopoly trends, to comparison The early prediction of the special currency. RockX co-founder Alex Lam said that for large financial institutions and companies that trade far larger than regular market participants, hosting and providing security by trusted third parties will give these traditional organizations the expectations they expect in more traditional markets. Confidence and certainty. Findora CEO Charles Lu believes that the increasingly mature managed services in the blockchain industry can lower the threshold for institutional investors to enter the market, which is a welcome development. While many comments have linked emerging centralized encryption hosting trends to a more efficient and direct regulatory framework for the industry over time, there are concerns about the current lack of oversight. Kevin Sekniqi, co-founder of AVA Labs, and Amani Moin, chief agreement architect for encryption economics, point out that certain circumstances may increase the likelihood of merged encryption hosting. The implications for the trend of consolidating encrypted hosting are quite different for the industry. In general, the value of the evaluation depends on whether the speaker considers the traditional financial institution to enter the encryption field is a good thing.