The core developer of the Ethereum Plasma Group is in a bad state and will leave the team temporarily.

Kelvin Fichter, core developer of the Ethereum Plasma Group, released Twitter that it will "go" for a while to adjust its status. Kelvin Fichter was previously one of the core developments of the star project Omisego. On August 24th, Kelvin Fichter sent several Twitter posts, indicating that he was in a bad state. He was too quick to learn more about the blockchain space and the whole world, and he needed to slow down and adjust himself. He believes that the blockchain is difficult to predict in the future. No one knows where the future will go. It is also impossible to judge whether the direction of development is what people (owners) expect. Finally, Kelvin Fichter said: "So I have to leave for a while. Try to find some sense of existence. I am here to apologize to some people in advance, (my leave) this may be a bit abrupt, even rude. If you want to contact me I will occasionally check my mail."