2019 than the original global developer conference ended: high open source banner, focus blockchain application landing

On August 25th, Beijing time, 2019 was successfully held at the Fort Mason Cowell Theater in San Francisco, USA. The conference attracted technical talents from the United States, Russia, India, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Zambia, Venezuela and other countries. The projects involved stable currency payment systems, supply chain finance, contract development tools, education technology and other fields. . In the end, Paypaw (Pig), a payment platform developed based on the original chain, won the first prize of 2019 than the original global developer conference, and won the BTM reward of 30,000 US dollars.


This conference is the second time to hold the blockchain global developer conference than the original chain. The conference also invited Matrixport partner Daniel, ETC Labs director Darin, MATPool CTO Jin Lei, Celer co-founder Dong Mo, Multiplied founder Nancy, Algorand Engineering research leader Naveed, Harmony co-founder Nick, Yingxintai Capital Investment Director Will and many other industry heavyweight guests.

4 finalist finalists on the road show, 6 heavyweight guests gave a wonderful speech, 3 roundtable forums were frequent, and the applause continued. The 20-degree San Francisco seems to have a 34-degree Hangzhou hot. The success of the 2019 than the original global developer conference not only shows that the ecology of the original chain is growing, the application of the blockchain continues to advance, but also the enthusiasm of the global blockchain developers. Throughout the whole event, the spirit of open source is still more than the original chain, and application has become the focus of industry participants.

Blockchain and open source spirit will eventually change the world

In the opening speech, the original founder & CEO Duan Xinxing first talked about the creation of the original heart than the original chain. He believes that digital assets are a huge future trend and it is highly desirable to build a data asset on the Internet to support multi-asset and programmable economies. Since the main online line in April 2018, in order to solve the expansion problem, this year, the blockchain has been expanded into a “one-chain multi-side chain” architecture. The main chain uses PoW to ensure asset security and introduces DPoS in the side chain. Increase the TPS from less than 100 in the main chain to about 8000 in the side chain to suit the practical application. Currently there are about 42 nodes in the Vapor sidechain of the original chain, and the team is also creating more customized tools for enterprise applications.

"Currently, we are facing a stage of globalization, but still embrace open source than the original chain, still firmly believe in the blockchain and the power of the open source movement. This power allows us to cross the borders and bring more practical services to users. Create more job opportunities and ultimately change the world."


The picture shows the original chain founder & CEO Duan Xinxing

A main multi-sided architecture that accelerates commercial applications than the original chain

The application of blockchain technology is the main tone of this global developer conference. Compared with the original chain technology VP James said in the speech, Bystack is based on the original chain of BaaS services, the main chain is used to achieve asset security and decentralization, sidechain is used to achieve scalability and run applications. According to the data of Wang Wei, the inventor of the original chain Vapor side chain BBFT consensus algorithm, under the BBFT algorithm, the number of transactions verified per side chain can reach 20,000, and the transaction confirmation time is only 0.6 seconds. It is 0.27% . By making the blockchain "impossible triangle" possible, Bystack is a full-speed boost for blockchain commercial applications.

According to Duan Xinxing, great progress has been made in commercial applications than the original chain. With the support of community members, applications and software based on the original chain have already established applications in cross-chain transactions, logistics, and payment in China, Europe, and the United States . For example, maritime logistics companies already use the original chain as a cross-border settlement system. There are also high-speed payment systems based on sidechains in this competition. Decentralized exchanges, DeFi, and hardware wallet applications are also emerging.

At the meeting, James announced a road map for the next year than the original chain. Bystack will open the BaaS platform, launch the Developer Center and the Bystack Decentralized Identity (DID). At the same time, Bystack will continue to improve the core data layer and network protocols, launching BBFT Consensus 2.0 and iteration and upgrades to Bytom 1.2.0. OFMF (Open Federal Management Framework), DApp Open Framework , and Decentralized Personal Credit (DPC) solutions based on a main multi-sided architecture will also be launched.


The picture shows the VP James than the original chain technology.

Longer than the founder of the original chain said:

“The blockchain technology is rapidly developing at an unprecedented speed and is having a huge impact on human society. I sincerely hope that all blockchain industry enthusiasts, including participants, can work together and build together. A safer and more efficient blockchain to build a better future world."

In addition, in the application tide of blockchain, xx service has gradually expanded from the blockchain itself to the mining business. MATPool CTO Jin Lei said in the speech that as the official mine pool than the original chain, MATPool is researching and launching MaaS (mining as a service) to provide mining machine hosting services for the computing provider users. The setup is simple, the access is convenient, and the automatic Users look for the currency with the highest rate of return; users of the demand side can also find the required computing power at any time, flat rate, and charge by minute. MaaS will break the state that the GPU computing power is both isolated and unconnectable, and the computing power and computing are organically connected.


The picture shows MATPool CTO Jin Lei

It is worth mentioning that the application of landing is not only the original chain, but also the strength of the major public chains. Celer Network co-founder Dong Mo said in his speech that Celer Network has launched a role in the game field, launching C-side mobile application CelerX to accelerate the promotion of blockchain games. Developers can quickly and easily create HTML5 games using the CelerX Gaming SDK without any blockchain development experience.

Finalist team road show, Paypaw won the first prize

In the roadshow of the conference, 2018 was also the first prize of the original chain developer conference, Bytomswap, and came to the scene to introduce the latest development of the project. According to project representative Anil Kumar, as a decentralized digital asset trading platform based on the original chain, Bytomswap can now support cross-chain asset exchange, and a standard naming registration system for the original chain assets will be introduced. And add a wallet plugin for decentralized transactions than the original wallet. From a more basic demo to a constantly improving product, Bytomswap is also stepping into the ground.


The picture shows the Bytomswap project representative Anil Kumar

In the finalists of this conference, there are ProofChain, an artificial intelligence copyright registration and protection platform based on the original chain, Paypaw, a payment platform based on the original chain, and ODIN Swap, a distributed auction system. Based on the original chain-based payment channel network BytomLit. In the end, Paypaw won the first prize of 2019 than the original Global Developers Conference and won the $30,000 equivalent BTM . Project representative Dalin said that the reason why he chose to develop on the original chain indicates that the DPoS side chain of the original chain provides near-instant transaction confirmation, TPS is high and security is good, so the choice is based on the development of the original chain. An application.


The left side of the picture is the original chain founder & CEO Duan Xinxing, the right side of the Paypaw (parpin) project represents Dalin

In addition, ProofChain won the second prize, and BytomLit, GoAskme, ODIN Swap Tools and BTMHDW won the Excellence Award. The original chain will continue to communicate with the winning team, and conduct project communication and inspection to help the project grow and land better.

Thinking collision, round table discussion

There are three roundtable forums in this conference. On the round table with the theme "Challenge Challenges and Trends", ETC Labs director Darin Kotalik proposed that science education is a huge challenge for the public chain in the next few years . People must have a basic understanding of the blockchain and clearly understand the public chain. The difference between a private chain and a private chain. Harmony co-founder Nick White said that technology, regulation and application are the three most important challenges.


From left to right, Multiplied CEO Nancy Li, ETC Labs director Darin Kotalik, Algorand engineering research leader Naveed Ihsanullah, Harmony co-founder Nick White and

VP James than the original chain project

On the issue of PoW and PoS, EDC Labs director Darin Kotalik believes that regardless of PoW or PoS, there is no difference between the different consensus, the focus is on what kind of problem you want to solve. Compared with the original chain project VP James , PoW is the best consensus algorithm for the public chain. After all, it has been running on Bitcoin for 10 years and has been verified. DPoS is highly centralized and may be relatively dangerous.

Faced with the application of the industry's current concern, Alaged Engineering Research Director Naveed Ihsanullah believes that to achieve large-scale applications, a large number of developers, even global developers, are involved in the development and application of user needs and actual use cases. Large-scale application of the blockchain occurs when the user is using but not aware , so that the user does not need to understand the technology behind the application and can use it very conveniently. Harmony co-founder Nick White said that DeFi is a good use case for the blockchain, but it still has problems in terms of maturity, security and regulation. Currently, games are the best breakthrough . The game can help more users understand the blockchain, and there are no financial applications in terms of regulation.

On the round of the theme “Value Creation in the Digital Asset Industry”, AnChain Marketing Manager Steven Yang stated that many of the early participants in cryptocurrencies were against regulation; in fact, in order to meet regulatory requirements (KYC), the project But they have to move closer to the center. In practical applications, users are often more adaptable to centralized services. Sili Zhao, head of Infstone business, said that many people's understanding of the blockchain is limited to banking and cryptocurrency. Practitioners should explore more applications of blockchains in other areas.


From left to right, Veri Network & IoTBlock founder Denis Lam, Infstone business executive Sili Zhao, Anchain marketing manager Steven Yang, and Reserve Engineering VP Zera

In the final round of the theme “Investing in the Future: How to Find Investment Opportunities”, Matrixport founding partner Daniel Yan believes that Hong Kong and Singapore are the best places for encryption in Asia. And Wang Wang, the fire currency consultant and investment director of Ausvic Capital, viewed the choice of location strategically. He believes that the choice of location depends on the accumulation of technical strength and talent. He also pointed out that in general, the company should adhere to the " customer first, technology behind " concept, many startups often fall into misunderstanding, indulge in technology, but ignore the user's needs and experience.

Cecilia Li, head of investment/co-operations at OKcoin, said in his speech that anything can be certified. The key is whether the asset itself has demand and value. Anything that has no value in itself will not work. Taxa. Amino capital EIR founder TF Guo provides a little personal advice to investors in the secondary market, investing in encrypted assets, but it is best not to trade, "Just build and hold."


From left to right, Yunian Capital's founding partner, Yiannis Varelas, OKcoin Investment/Cooperation Director Cecilia Li, Fire Coin Consultant, Ausvic Capital Investment Director Will Wang, Taxa. Amino Capital EIR Founder TF Guo and

Matrixport Founding Partner Daniel Yan