The number of ransomware attacks in Texas is 23, and the attackers demand $2.5 million in bitcoin ransom

On August 23, the Tencent Royal Threat Intelligence Center issued a statement saying that the Houston authorities said that the computer systems in 22 small towns in Texas were attacked by ransomware. The list of specific attacked towns was not disclosed because "there may be Further attacks." CryptoGlobe's report revealed more detailed information, the actual number of attacked towns is 23, and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and the state's financial crime department's cybersecurity experts believe that security breaches began later last week. The mayor of one of the towns said the attackers demanded a $2.5 million bitcoin ransom. Keene Mayor Gary Heinrich said the attackers attacked the software vendor of the city council's IT system. Elliott Sprehe, a spokesperson for the Texas Information Resources Department, said he did not know which target city had paid any money to criminals.