Bitcoin core developer Jameson Lopp issued a push to consider running for the US president

Jameson Lopp, the bitcoin core developer and CTO CTO, said on Twitter that he is considering running for the US president. Lopp said: "If I can be elected, I will give each citizen a bitcoin worth $1,000 a month. This is feasible because we will never run out of dollars. In the long run, the economic benefits will benefit the United States because we end up Will have the most bitcoin.” The Twitter community’s first reaction to Jameson Lopp’s tweets was that this could be a scam, but there were some interesting comments in the responses below. Xsquared Ventures partner Brad Mills tried to mathematically calculate Lopp's proposal: "Every year (due to the distribution of bitcoin spending) $ 3.9 trillion. At the end of your first term, US Treasury bonds will reach $ 37 trillion The market value of Bitcoin will reach $18 trillion in the fourth year, nearly $1 million per bitcoin. This is actually mathematically feasible considering government spending."