Changzhou Public Security Bureau went to Hengyang to exchange learning blockchain and other fraud cases

On the morning of August 22, the deputy commander of the Economic and Technological Bureau of Changzhou Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province, Tan Wenhao, the Sergeant of the Legal Brigade, Guang Guang, and the Deputy Director of the Mitsui Police Station, Chao Yunjie, went to the Hengyang Municipal Public Security Bureau to exchange and learn the "hero chain." (HEC) blockchain virtual digital currency project fraud case handling experience. At the exchange forum, the director of Xinhua Police Station and the "Hero Chain" (HEC) blockchain virtual digital currency project fraud case hosted investigator Liu Yilu on the basic case of the case, the investigation process, the progress of the case and the influence of the case. A detailed introduction was made and work experience and practices were shared.