Gu Yanxi: Bakkt, which will be launched in September, will have six effects on the Bitcoin trading market.

On August 26th, the founder and dean of the CBX Research Institute, Gu Yanxi, said that Bakkt's launch will directly affect Coinbase and Kraken's business, but it also does not indirectly affect trading service providers in other regions. The launch of Bakkt on the line in September will have the following six effects on the Bitcoin trading market: 1. It will compete with existing Bitcoin exchanges; 2. The spot trading price of other exchanges will be subject to the trading price of Bakkt; The settlement price of Bakkt's daily delivery futures products will become an important basis for related businesses worldwide; 4. The volatility of bitcoin spot trading prices will be reduced; 5. It will further promote other financial regulators around the world on Bitcoin. Acceptance; 6, will further promote the need for compliance with encrypted digital money custodians. Details: