Bitcoin Quotes: Boots are gradually falling, waiting patiently for market direction

Affected by the weekend event, gold gapped higher, broke the high point of the previous rebound, and hit a new high since the rebound. It may even challenge the historical high of gold in 2012. The US stock index futures fell sharply and the market was panicked. The exchange rate has also experienced a sharp shock, then I will look at the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency has a dull response to this incident. According to the usual understanding, this incident should be a positive one, but we see that the funds have no response, so we act as retail investors. It should be more cautious. It is estimated that people who come in and out recently will be very hurt. Don't worry about waiting for the main force to make a choice and then enter. BTC BTC is still oscillating around the key support level of 10,000 US dollars. No matter what kind of news can't stimulate the enthusiasm of funds, everyone should be vigilant. Now the news has weakened the influence of the disk, and then the target Will follow his own trajectory, personally still think that this is a falling relay form, the volume continues to shrink, macd returns to zero axis and begins to divergence again, the indicator is good for shorts, this round's down The possibility of breaking the low of August 15 will be very high. I have not hunted the bottom, but I still wait and see, and then I will return to the support level of 9,000 dollars.

ETH has been talking to you all the time. ETH's technical progress is worrying, and it will definitely affect the price of the target. From the performance of the current market, the target has no ability to take the independent market. In fact, regarding the trend of the target. We can observe how many new currencies have been known recently. The more and more currencies on the market, the more active the market is, and the target will have the possibility of rising, but the current market environment is obviously not allowed. The target is more of a follow-up trend. The target's copying chassis is not enthusiastic. It is unlikely that the current trading volume will start to rebound. It is more likely to continue to fall back. There may be two after the target. One trend is to oscillate sideways, but to continue to fall in one of the moving averages. If there is a sideways volatility at this time, there may be an upward rebound after the shock, but I still tend to continue down because at least so far Did not see panic sentiment to get vented.

Although the trend of BNB BNB has been basically clear, the moving average system is short-sorted, and the macd indicator is diverging downward again under the zero-axis. However, the downside of the target is very restrained, which is a bit like the trading method of some large-volume funds. Only when the amount exceeds 30 dollars can we reverse the downward trend, but the current possibility is not big, because the volume is gradually shrinking. Personally, the down cycle has already started. From the current trend, the decline should be carried out along 5 antennas. The first target of the downside is around $24. Personally, the support of $24 is likely to be penetrated. There is no sign of the bottom and attention to risk.

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