The Australian Stock Exchange and VMware collaborate to replace existing registration systems with platforms based on distributed ledger technology

On August 26th, the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is stepping up its project work, working with VMware through its blockchain partner Digital Asset to replace existing liquidation with another platform based on distributed ledger technology. Electronic Sub-Registration System (CHESS) platform. According to a memorandum of understanding signed by the three parties, ASX said it plans to offer its DLT products with the support of Digital Asset and VMware, including the development of applications that replace CHESS; the open source smart contract programming language DAML support for building distributed applications; The provision and support of ledgers and related infrastructure to provide ASX's data privacy, confidentiality and security requirements on a larger scale. ASX said that although its initial focus is still on replacing CHESS, the partnership will strengthen its ability to support the financial services industry by leveraging infrastructure to create new services and innovations beyond clearing and settlement. It is reported that since 2015, ASX has been working with Digital Asset on the CHESS project.