Ontology Announces Strategic Investment Digital Asset Exchange An On (OnTrade)

August 26th news, following Babbitt's time-stamp capital, NEO Eco-Fund announced the investment in An Yi, leading the public chain project Ontology announced the investment in the global innovative digital asset exchange An On (OnTrade.com), and reached an agreement with An Yi. The ontology will give An Yi strong support in information resources sharing, quality project selection and user diversion, and help An Yi to continue to develop in the direction of digital currency derivatives. Ontology is a new generation of public infrastructure chain project distributed trust collaboration platform, providing a new generation of high-performance basic public chain, including complete distributed ledger and intelligent contract system support. OnTrade.com: The fourth generation of the whole system of innovative digital asset exchanges, based on the top-level financial derivatives system, with a complete trading, settlement, and risk control system. The Anyi Technology and Finance team is committed to bringing the technology and experience of traditional financial derivatives to the blockchain, leading the development and improvement of the encrypted digital currency industry.