Circle Pay has resolved the small redemption issue and will charge for some dormant accounts

According to official Twitter last week, Circle Pay, a social payment application of the cryptocurrency company Circle, has solved the problem of small (less than one currency unit) funds redemption, users can try to withdraw funds from the account to Europe or the United States. Bank card account. At the same time, Circle Pay said that for dormant accounts, users will not be charged any fees if they have a balance of not less than $30, and will be charged for accounts with a balance of less than $30. Remarks: A dormant account refers to an investor's stock account with a securities account amount of zero, a fund account balance of less than 100 yuan and no transaction record for more than 3 years, and a corresponding fund account. Prior to the June 14th news, Circle will gradually cancel the support for payment and charges for its social payment application Circle Pay, and will eventually cancel the support for Circle Pay on September 30th.