Guangming Daily: Blockchain technology can become a copyright protection firewall

Today, Guangming Daily published the article "Building a Copyright Protection Firewall with New Technology." The article stated that copyright protection is not a new problem, but with the changes in communication technology and form, the "cat and mouse" between the copyright party and the infringer is more complicated. It is necessary for the knowledge payment platform to re-examine and deploy copyright protection work in the platform and industry ecology. In the copyright protection, the problem of “resolving power is difficult” and “retrospecting difficult”, the maturity of blockchain technology may bring more possibilities. As we all know, the blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger database with features such as open traceability and irrevocable records. In this way, each piece of original content can be "hashed" to generate a specific fingerprint, recorded in the blockchain, plus the endorsement of the National Copyright Administration, thus completing the confirmation and deposit.