Guangming Daily Review: New technologies such as blockchain build a "firewall" for copyright protection

Knowledge payment continues to be at the forefront. Some consulting agencies expect that by 2020, the domestic knowledge payment market will reach 23.5 billion yuan. But this good business is not very good. Almost in synchrony with the start time of this business, the “black cloud” of infringement has been on the top of the head. With the continuous expansion of the knowledge payment market, the scope and method of infringement have been continuously upgraded.

The original price of 199 yuan course package, only need 9.9 yuan on an e-commerce platform can be included in the bag; if you spend 99 yuan to join the so-called "knowledge crowdfunding community", the annual knowledge of the major knowledge paid head platform almost All heavyweight course packs can be picked up on demand, and the operation is extremely simple. You can log in to a specific cloud disk according to the "command". According to media reports, what's more, "sweeping a QR code, you can get it for free", and the results of other people's labor have become a bait for some people to get traffic.

Copyright protection is not a new problem, but with the changes in communication technology and form, the "cat and mouse" between the copyright party and the infringer is more complicated. On the one hand, the infringing technology “toolbox” is becoming more and more abundant, the piracy is convenient and fast, and the cost is low. The multiple distribution and realization channels make the illegal behavior extremely concealed. On the other hand, because the knowledge payment platform did not establish a “firewall” for copyright protection at the beginning, the registration of the rights was incomplete and the supervision was weak, and the arrogance of the infringement was concealed in disguise. The objective existence of market demand, the imbalance of rights investment and income, and the strict legal basis are all the soil conditions that promote the infringement into an industry chain.

The piracy of "encirclement and suppression" genuine will not only dampen the enthusiasm of content producers, but also affect its stable output of high-quality original content, and the reduction of high-quality original content will inevitably affect the gathering power and influence of the platform. In the long run, "bad money drives out good "Coin", stirring up the industry's atmosphere, disrupting industry order and lowering industry standards. In the face of the "barbarians" at the door, it is necessary for the knowledge payment platform to re-examine and deploy copyright protection work. In the platform and even the industry ecology, copyright protection should not be merely a "aftercare" role, but should be a "moat". a part of. The introduction of professional copyright protection legal and technical teams, through the continuous data monitoring and analysis, rights grievance and tracking processing, etc. for copyright "strong insurance", is a better solution for the knowledge payment platform.

In view of the problem of “resolving power is difficult” and “retrospecting difficult” in copyright protection, the maturity of blockchain technology may bring more possibilities. As we all know, the blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger database with features such as open traceability and irrevocable records. In this way, each piece of original content can be "hashed" to generate a specific fingerprint, recorded in the blockchain, plus the endorsement of the National Copyright Administration, thus completing the confirmation and deposit. At present, many products on the market that focus on “blockchain+copyright protection” also regard this as the main highlight, but the question that follows is that if the right to determine itself, the problem of “Li Gui’s replacement for Li Wei” will be solved. Completion of the right to save the certificate, the infringement will not disappear automatically, or to find out after the "hit", and one involves "hit", and then circumvent the old problems: the law is not perfect, the legal rights investment and income imbalance Wait.

Copyright protection is destined to be a long-term issue. Relevant functional departments should keep pace with the times in the improvement of laws and regulations, supervision methods and forms, and at the same time cultivate the legal awareness of respecting knowledge and protecting copyright in the whole society, so that they are used to the Internet. Users in the "free" mode reverse the inherent concept and then switch behavior patterns. Of course, we must also see that some of the original knowledge content of the knowledge-based payment platform is mixed, and some products are repackaged with light content, heavy marketing and light service, etc., to a certain extent, "education" of knowledge-paying enthusiasts, so that they can not choose even Refusal to pay for copyrighted content should be brought to the attention of the platform and content producers.

Source: Guangming Daily (August 26, 2019, 02 edition)

Original question: Building a “firewall” for copyright protection with new technology

(Author: Mo Jie, Department of Media commentator)