RightBTC (R network) won the investment of well-known angel investor Bao Erye

On August 26th, according to official news, RightBTC (R network) received a huge strategic investment from the well-known angel investor Bao Erye. Different from its previous investment projects, Bao Erye will deeply participate in the market operation of R network.

Bao Erye said that R-network's five-year trading volume has long been at the forefront of CoinMarketCap, and it is inevitably superior in security and trading depth, and is more forward-looking in currency selection. In 2014, the first batch of trading platforms that brought ETH/ETC into the domestic market brought very substantial benefits to early participating users. After the upgrade of version 3.0 of the R network, it brings a novel business model, smooth trading experience and diversified market operations. It actively explores the momentum of the global market and is expected to subvert the existing industry landscape.

Bao Erye was an early investor in exchanges such as Gansu, Gate.io and ZB. This time he will deeply participate in and lead R network to become the world's leading digital asset management platform. Exchange website: www.rightbtc.pro