Nearly 80% of Bitcoin addresses are profitable, and the number of Bitcoin holders has reached a new high

2019 is undoubtedly the most brilliant year for Bitcoin. This year, it has appreciated by 200%, from about $3,500 to $10,000, and the bitcoin "whales" earned "pots full of pots." However, the data shows that the vast majority of BTC users are actually profitable.


(Source: Pixabay )

Bitcoin user profit

According to machine learning-based blockchain analysis company Into The Block, 79% of all bitcoin addresses with positive balances are profitable. Economist Alex Krüger quoted the data as saying that about 21.36 million BTC addresses have risen in value. Into The Block also pointed out that most of these bitcoins are bought between $850 and $3,900.

Bitcoin holders profit because the only time in the Bitcoin life cycle is more than $10,000. In fact, Bitcoin trades for less than $10,000 in the 99% life cycle.

BTC holders continue to HOLD reasons

For most Bitcoin investors, selling means locking in revenue in advance. However, CoinMetrics data shows that there are now more Bitcoin holders than ever before .

According to CoinMetrics, the number of unmoved Bitcoins continues to rise in all timeframes of six months, one year, two years and five years, especially since the 2017 bull market and the beginning of 2018.

In fact, the number of bitcoins that have not moved for at least a year has grown to 10 million, a record high . This means that in more than 12 months, more than half of the bitcoin being mined and less than half of the bitcoin supply were not transferred from the wallet.

A large number of Bitcoin investors may hold money for a long time because more and more forecasts show that Bitcoin still has huge upside potential.

Poor income from other tokens

While most Bitcoin holders have become very rich, Into The Block data shows that token investors are not doing well. In fact, 74% of Ethereum addresses are at a loss stage, and many of them have purchase prices ranging from $260 to $315, but the current price of Ethereum is less than $190.

Most of Cardano and ZCash investors also suffered huge losses. In fact, Into The Block data indicates that 95% of ZCash addresses may have some hidden out-of-pocket transactions, such as the strike price is higher than the current price of the target. This means that many token holders have been holding cryptocurrencies since the 2017 frenzy and have not sold them.