Yang Haipo: The success of BCH fork is that the active market position of the community is stable. The failure lies in not surpassing BTC and unsolved series of governance problems.

On August 26th, ViaBTC mining pool CEO Yang Haipo Weibo issued a message "Bitcoin forks past", saying that the success of BCH fork in the active market position of the community failed to surpass the BTC unresolved series of governance problems. He said: "Bitcoin Cash officially split from Bitcoin on August 1, 2017, and has passed its second anniversary. Looking back on the development of the two years, Bitcoin Cash is a success and a failure. It is said that its success is It still has an extremely active community, an evolving application, and a solid market position. The failure is that Bitcoin Cash does not meet the expectations of most supporters over Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash does not solve the same problem with Bitcoin. Some of the governance challenges."