The new king of the blockchain

On August 24, 2019, the online interview of the "Sports King of the New Power of Blockchain" jointly sponsored by China Media and Chain Finance was held as scheduled. In this issue, Egretia founder & CEO Huang Wei was invited to conduct in-depth interviews on the Egretia Ecology and the blockchain game track.

The gravitational wave technology CBO Suzy goddess served as the guest of this period.


The key points of this interview are as follows:

Moderator: First of all, I would like to ask Mr. Huang to introduce to you what kind of project is Egretia? What problems are you working on, or which areas you want to make breakthroughs?

Huang Wei: When Egretia was founded, we wanted to build an ecosystem of blockchain games. We wanted to bring existing developers and mobile devices into the world of blockchain. First, the developer is provided with a complete development workflow, and then the developer can efficiently create blockchain-related games without paying attention to the underlying layer of the blockchain. In addition, our entire ecosystem includes open platforms for games, crowdfunding platforms, digital asset exchanges, and incubators.

From a project, a single product has a life cycle. What we have to do is to build a complete ecosystem that will have a longer life cycle.

Moderator: In Egretia's view, what are the problems with blockchain games now, and what are their future growth prospects? What role do you hope to play in it?

Huang Wei: From the game products, there are constant iterations. From the previous Ether Cat to the late blockchain game developers, they are making new products based on the blockchain game features and player characteristics in the update iteration. . There are indeed some problems and difficulties in the blockchain and blockchain gaming industries.

First of all, from the product point of view, there are few perfect tools and solutions for developers and related technical support. Traditional game developers don't understand the blockchain, and the knowledge about blockchain needs a time to understand and apply. In addition, the relevant blockchain developer community discussion exchange is not as active as other communities, and there is less discussion on blockchain game technology exchange.

In addition, during the development of the game, the developers have less knowledge about the blockchain game players, and the players' understanding, characteristics, and appeals are not synchronized. How to make a product with both blockchain games and mainstream gamer features is a big challenge for all developers.

The most important point is the flow problem. Blockchain gamers are very small, but mainstream gamers have a low level of knowledge about blockchain. The use of digital wallets, blockchain addresses, and token recharges are all high conversion thresholds, making blockchain gamers a low conversion rate. Relatively speaking, blockchain game traffic channels are also scattered, and there is no alliance to collect various traffic channels, which is a big difference from traditional games.

Egretia wants to be the original intention of the ecology, and wants to provide relevant solutions and services to players, chain travel providers and channels, and connect them to create a closed loop, providing a more open environment for the upstream and downstream resources of the blockchain game industry.

Moderator: We know that Egretia has always paid more attention to ecological construction. We want to know what the current ecological construction of Egretia is. What breakthroughs have been made.

Huang Wei: In June of last year, we released the first version of the complete blockchain game development process, including game development, game debugging, smart contract writing and external wallets. At the beginning of this year, we went online with the test chain and blockchain browser, and soon our official wallet will be online. In addition to wallets, we also offer related payment and settlement SDKs to create a new game ecosystem around wallets and SDKs.


(Egretia game eco map)

The above picture is a good example of our next ecological map, because the workflow was launched last year, only to solve the developer's convenient development blockchain game, how to solve the problem of developers gaining users and making money through products. A win-win situation is what we will do next.

GLauncher is like our incubator. We will cooperate with high-quality developers to incubate good game products. In addition to financial investment, we will also serve developers in product design and market operations. At the same time, we will launch our game crowdfunding platform, similar to the traditional platform TSTAR. There are new game products that we can put on the platform for players to vote, choose the game that they like, so that the player can not only become the game player but also become the game's shareholder, so that the player can be completely changed from player to owner.

This is another part of what we said. In fact, it is to solve the payment settlement of the whole system, and to open up the relevant system of the blockchain game. Finally, the player will recharge the game and the digital assets in his game account. With seamless links, players can also easily withdraw to the exchange and conduct very convenient transactions on the exchange.

Moderator: We have learned that a recent blockchain game called "Soccer King" has been officially launched based on your support. Can you introduce us to this game? What is different from the previous blockchain game? Features.

Huang Wei: We have devoted a lot of energy to this game. We have been grinding and modifying for more than a year before and after meeting. At present, the pre-sales activities related to the game card have been officially opened, and can be directly pre-sold in the official website of the game (


When we are doing this game, the first point is to do a high-quality game, because the entire blockchain game industry is still relatively early, such as game developers, we call the regular army has not yet entered. Most of today's developers, many of them are small teams, or some independent developers. And the core point is to set up some financial systems in the game around play to earn.

The core gameplay of the game includes the player's trading, the draw of the game, and the synthesis of the card. It also includes the strategy team, etc. It also includes a game competition game, and the player gets a rich bonus through the level game and the ladder. Also included is the classic PVP mode, players can PK each other.


The star card is divided into out-of-print stars and ordinary stars, and the out-of-print star is the only one. The stars in the world are actually very limited, but each player must have at least 11 players and a large number of players, so the out-of-print star is a very scarce resource and the only resource. Ordinary card star, he is not unique, there can be a lot of repeated ordinary stars between players, repeated ordinary stars we can synthesize higher-level and more powerful stars, even stronger than the out-of-print star.

In this player trading session, the star has a 24-hour protection period. After 24 hours, the players trading can trade freely in the player market. For example, if you find a star you are interested in, you can sign up to your club in the player market. The signing star is usually a premium signing, and the original owner of the player will get a good return, thus achieving the star's continuous appreciation.

The player's acquisition needs to be obtained through the draw card or the player market. The draw card needs to consume Token. 80% of the draw card consumption Token will flow into the prize pool. Players can win the corresponding Token reward by participating in various competitions.

Play to earn is achieved through the setup of this economic system.

Moderator: Following this question, we also want to ask, how many blockchain games have Egretia supported? What are the main focus of support?

Huang Wei: Over the past year or so, our team has provided support for more than 40 blockchain games at home and abroad. The main support is technical and tool engine. Currently we see most blockchain games, they are all based on HTML5, and they have many related technical issues in this regard. Another aspect is mainly some traditional game teams that help them become familiar with token access, payment, chain operations, and more. The teams we currently contact are mainly from Russia, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

In the process, we found that many developers have the most demand for the financial system of the blockchain, and it is the biggest threshold for these developers. Later, we will use the wallet, payment, and SDK as our key support directions.

A common problem now is that the experience and picture of the blockchain game is not as good as the traditional game. The concept is more than the actual meaning. Do you think this view is correct? In the future, whether the blockchain game will break through in terms of experience.

Huang Wei: I personally hold a negative attitude towards such a point of view. It is not that the blockchain game experience picture is not as good as the traditional game, and the concept is greater than the actual meaning. I don't think it's easy to divide the game into traditional games or blockchain games. The blockchain is just a technique used in games, but most of the teams that use this technology are smaller development teams. But the developers of some of the mainstream games we have seen are some of the big regulars. So now the development team of blockchain games is often because their level of development, the skill of designing games, and the art, including the cost they can afford, are limited.

We have seen NetEase's "Reverse Water" and Tencent's "Catch the Demon" together. They use blockchain technology. From this perspective, they are also blockchain games. The future blockchain games do not have to be divided into traditional ones. Game or blockchain games, future games will use a certain blockchain technology or use Token and blockchain economic system design. The blockchain will definitely have a profound impact on the development of the game.

The development of the game must take time and process, and the developer will carry out constant update iterations. For example, mobile game development is a very simple game at the beginning. Until now, the quality of mobile games has not lost a large end tour. The more practitioners in the industry, the more experienced they are, and the more funds will be invested in this industry, which will enable the industry to develop more rapidly and the industry to prosper.

In the future, more and more blockchain technologies will be included in the game to solve problems that the previous games cannot solve, such as the user's digital assets and the transfer of items.

Now many friends in the community want to know how Egretia is now operating and promoting.

Huang Wei: In the course of more than a year of development, we have carried out a lot of publicity and promotion, and issued nearly 100 related manuscripts to promote blockchain technology and blockchain games. Including domestic well-known media Golden Finance, Mars Finance, Gyro Finance, Ear Finance, Tencent Technology, Sina Games, etc., as well as many well-known overseas media,

In addition, we hosted and participated in 12 developer salons or blockchain events held in the United States, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Beijing, and Shenzhen. Our positioning is for global users, we will promote the media overseas a little more, we will synchronize the project including relevant partner progress information. We also establish in-depth cooperation with dozens of industry partners, including blockchain industry institutions such as public chains, media, and exchanges.

What blockchain investment institutions are involved in Egretia's investment now? Can you tell us more about it?

Huang Wei: When we were in May of last year, we obtained investment from more than 20 investment institutions including Zeyuan Capital, Capital, Creation Capital and Distributed Capital.

Seeing how Egretia mentioned that there are more than hundreds of thousands of developers and mass game users around the world, how do these users accumulate? How do you introduce them into the blockchain game market as incremental?

Huang Wei: Before the project was founded, I was also the co-founder of the Egret Engine. At the time, we mainly worked on the HTML5 game engine. At that time, we had more than 250,000 developers. At the same time, we are also very in-depth strategic partnership with the Egret engine. We hope to slowly introduce these developers into the blockchain game.

Before the Egret, I was doing Flash development in Adobe. At that time, I accumulated a large number of game developers. We wanted to attract more and more game developers to participate in the development of blockchain games through such projects.

Regarding how to attract more game users to enter the blockchain market, the core point is that the products must be better products, or the experience or gains that the game players have never had before. For example, the game of football, by playing games. You can get very good economic incentives, which is the gameplay that was not played before.

Moderator: For the blockchain game market, what other things does Huang want to say to everyone?

Huang Wei: First of all, I think the blockchain game market, including the entire blockchain industry, is an emerging industry. In any industry, development takes time. At present, the blockchain game is like a newborn. Everyone should embrace the entrepreneurs of blockchain games. However, developers who participate in the blockchain game industry should give more support regardless of the quality of the products. Because there is only more support. Will they give them the motivation to create iterative products, and the industry will have a positive cycle to grow.

In addition, for blockchain game developers, they should pay more attention to the characteristics of blockchain players to combine the digital economy of blockchain games, design games that are more in line with the market, and better serve existing players in the blockchain industry. If the existing blockchain game players are not well served, it is even more difficult to complete the conversion of traditional gamers.

The entire market still needs time to develop, and everyone needs to try more. Compared with mainstream games, there are still many places in the blockchain game industry that need to be constantly improved. There are also many improvements to the football kings that we mainly promote. I believe that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the entire industry. This industry is worth investing in and putting it together.

This interview activity has received strong support from all walks of life and industry media. In addition to the organizers of the medium chain media, chain finance, Bittime, BIGEVC, provided strategic support for this event.


The “Blockchain New Forces” series aims to build a bridge between high-quality project partners in the blockchain and governments, investors and users, and explore high-quality areas through in-depth dialogue with entrepreneurs in the field of blockchain technology development and application. The value and potential of the blockchain project will show the practical significance of the blockchain quality project and its future leading role in the industry trend.