Jiang Zhuoer commented on the hot shoes: After a few months, I will learn the first payment investment class.

Laibit mine pool Jiang Zall microblogging said that the operator behind the fried shoes is still arrogant, by the way contempt for some IQ after 00, this thing without any supply side restrictions, can (dare) to stir up. Hybrid shoes, a standardized, and low-cost industrial product, really underestimated China’s deep strength as a factory in the world. Putian, Dongguan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu's shoe industry chain to understand, do exactly the same as the real is easy, the normal level is better than the real quality, really (control cost so the quality is generally) broken The imitation is still good. Now they just haven't reacted yet. After a few months, after 00, they will learn the first investment class – the kind of tuition.