There is not much time left for EOS: BM has repeatedly hinted at making big things about Bitcoin. Is there really a card to be released?

Recently, last year's hot EOS storm continued, just a few days ago, a well-known DApp developer in the EOS Eco Overseas Community suddenly said: "The EOS SuperNode is almost entirely controlled by the Chinese, and he will give up the development on EOS. DApp". Then there was a screenshot of the suspected Li Xiaolai’s breach of this:

"Is there a centralization controlled by the Chinese? Without me, there would be no EOS…"

In the same few days, BM once again hinted that it would work with Bitcoin. He said:

What if there is a way to support the unlimited expansion of Bitcoin and EOS transactions, and it’s completely private and free of charge? What if the Lightning Network is a waste of time?

This year, Bitcoin is the only one, and BM and B1 ( B1 here refers to BlockOne, the following uses B1 to refer to it) . CEO BB has repeatedly mentioned things like expanding Bitcoin and letting Bitcoin run on the EOS main network. During this period, members of the telegraph group asked B1 why he had to hold 140,000 bitcoins. The response from BM and BB confirmed the fact that B1 held 140,000 bitcoins.

Combining some of the things that have happened this year, there are now two voices for the behavior of BM and B1 :

One way of saying this is that the team is ready to stabilize the leek and slowly abandon the EOS while retreating and releasing new projects.

The other is: EOS project party B1 has a mysterious card to come out.

01 First stabilize the "chives" and then say?

“Wait to play BM's next project”, “I am relieved to see so many people spraying EOS”, and the disappointing EOS retailers are making a similar irony of EOS.

Compared to some giant whales that are cheap, early cash back, and almost zero cost to play, if EOS really fails one day, retail investors are the most painful.

BM has long been known by the outside world as the biggest uncertainty factor for EOS. In a world of blockchains where consensus is determined, perhaps one or two trips are easily understood, but nothing more than three. Once the BM and B1 teams quickly announced their withdrawal, the funds received were used for other purposes, and the EOS project was not finished because the team “does not do things”. Then BM and B1 may never be able to send new projects and never come back.

Some netizens have some doubts about "conspiracy theory" : they first stabilize the "chives" by constantly creating the illusion that the team is trying to do things. For example, the social project Voice, which is difficult, burns, and energy-intensive, can't stop the EOS from slowly decaying because of other problems, so the team can say that it has been doing things but unfortunately has not succeeded.

At the same time, there are people from overseas who are constantly jumping out to say that “the EOS super nodes are all controlled by the Chinese”, so they seem to be forced to go away by the super nodes . The name is justifiably held quickly and the money that has not actually been spent is quickly restarted. The next new project "To solve this failed EOS problem" is bound to be more easily accepted by the "chives".

02 B1 Are there really mysterious cards to be out?

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Instead of believing in conspiracy theories, it is better to believe that B1 and BM really want to continue to carry EOS, which is the best result for both the industry and retail investors. So in what ways and perspectives can EOS seek breakthroughs in the future?

1. Combine bitcoin to do big things

Recently, members of the EOS community asked the telegraph group: “Is there any idea about using EOS as a two-tier solution to expand BTC?” BM A. “There are many ideas.” According to BM, it has repeatedly suggested that it will engage in big events in conjunction with BTC, and B1 holds a lot of BTC in his hand to infer the future B1 will definitely exert strength on expanding BTC. Then BM repeatedly said that the lightning network is a waste of time, then this direction is likely to be a fast payment solution instead of lightning network.

Side chain relay chain

Rather than EOS as a second-tier solution, it is better to say that BM wants BTC to run on the EOS network, which is his own words . At present, there are many cross-chain schemes. If B1 does not leave EOS and engage in new projects, it may develop a side chain for EOS as a relay chain function. This side chain is responsible for different protocols and Bitcoin networks, Ethereum network. Wait for the mainstream public chain to interact.

If the future of this relay chain is large enough, a large number of transactions will be carried out on this chain, and BTC will become one of the many ecological projects that “attach” to this relay chain, so it is just in line with BTC. The solution that runs on the EOS network, of course, may be just the ideal state.

Other solutions

Indexing is established on the main chain, and cross-chain communication is carried out by indexing the public chain such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to its main chain. This is a proposal proposed by the public chain AELF earlier, and it can also meet the ambition of BM. In fact, there should be some programs, such as state channels and shards, allowing EOS to expand the bitcoin infinitely while maintaining privacy and so on.

2. Or UBI that can make Voice break out

If the voice social application is successful, it will bring great benefits to EOS, but many people are still not optimistic because it is too difficult. But what I’m talking about today is an important opportunity that might make the Voice break out.

First of all, BM has Steem's experience. It should be no problem to be a social application, and it will be very fast. Then the rest is the question of whether it can get up. Maybe many people have not noticed and have forgotten this strange concept. : UBI. According to B1 's plan, UBI will be issued by issuing a Voice Token, which may be an explosive breakthrough.

UBI is called unconditional basic income. Like Bitcoin, UBI is called a great social experiment . UBI means that you can get a basic income to solve the problem of food and clothing regardless of whether you work or not. Many experts believe that UBI policy can solve a large number of existing social problems (controversial), and when artificial intelligence is popular in the future, many people If you lose your job because of the replacement of artificial intelligence, when a large number of people have no work and no income, they can't imagine what society will be, and UBI can come in handy.

At the same time, many people think that the combination of UBI and blockchain is the perfect solution. UBI's famous supporters include Elon Musk, Chinese American presidential contestant Yang Anze, and Virgin collective founder Richard Branson.

Known as the most popular EOS cottage project ENU is actually going to UBI application, this concept attracted many people who recognized UBI, but then ENU project seems to be stuck in KYC, not very smooth, now the founder And because of dissatisfaction with the super node and left. Coincidentally, in early August, B1 announced that a new patent for a digital identity solution from BM was approved, which is one of the difficulties of the UBI project.

If you really don't know what the meaning of this concept is, it doesn't matter. You only need to know that the US presidential election, Black Horse Yang Anze, has been favored by many people in the UBI policy proposal, which means that whether he finally becomes the US president or not, he supports it. A high rate and friendly to the blockchain, he will work hard to educate the world about UBI's UBI concept in the US election debate.

To put it simply, Voice, if the popularity of the UBI concept is greatly improved, and attracts a large number of users who want to participate in the blockchain UBI, then Voice is likely to break out during the presidential election. In the past year or so, it is very important that Voice can be fired with the UBI concept, and the time left for EOS is obviously not much.

Finally, as a veteran of the industry, BM's accomplishments in high-performance public-chain technology are unquestionable. The probability that his proposed scheme can land is relatively large, but in fact many people are worried about community governance issues.

BM does not seem to be a good governance or community governance under the DPoS consensus mechanism. It is difficult in itself. B1 has no advantage in this direction. In the face of the problems of EOS community governance, they seem to be helpless….. .

03 “Out of Control” EOS Community

In response to the argument that overseas developers have "the EOS super node almost controls the Chinese", this matter has been raised in China for a long time, but is it strange? Not surprisingly, for the EOS Chinese community, EOS is almost exclusively contributed by Chinese and nodes. But for BM and B1 For the team, as well as some overseas developers, it may be unacceptable.

When it comes to the DPoS consensus mechanism created by BM, it is also innovative. Many projects are in use, but the founding teams such as BTS and ENU will still find problems with super nodes and communities, and EOS is exactly the same, EOS. Project side In order to be punished by the US SEC as a kind of securities, B1 companies have long been able to participate in the super-nodes, and even the launch of the main network is what they call "by the people" .

We have also seen the next thing, BM in order to not repeat the mistakes that were kicked out by the community earlier, compared to the very scattered Token allocation of the early BTS, EOS skillfully gave the economic model B1 has reserved the right to speak. Only 21 super nodes are more likely to receive the constraints of the project. However, it seems that the cold BM is not very good at getting along with many domestic super nodes, and seriously underestimates the unity of the Chinese. ).

Finally, BM's provisions for preventing network centralization, such as not allowing bribery, exist in name only, and the number of super-nodes has become a bag of mineral pools and trading platforms that require little cost. At this moment, the team is no longer able to make a proposal that is contrary to the interests of most super nodes. It is also difficult for the founding team to occupy the dominant position of the community, B1 The company, including BM, is in a dilemma.

Very interestingly, the same as the wave field of DPoS, the situation of community governance is contrary to EOS. The founding team of Sun Yuchen occupies the dominant position of the entire ecological community. Compared with Sun Yuchen’s rapid marketing, large acquisition of BTT and heavy investment in accelerating wave field ecological application, and from the weakness of EOS overseas community and low overseas fever, B1 has done too little in these areas, but Sun Yuchen and him Although the team dominates and controls the wave field, it is more likely to fall into the community's accusation of “not enough to go to the center”.

Some time ago, Sun Yuchen's series of marketing operations had a great impact on the wave field. For example, the cancellation of Buffett’s lunch after the domestic media was not only let Sun Yuchen fall into the nickname of “Sun Stone”, but also the wave field was deeply affected. If you change to EOS, even if the project has any major problems, perhaps the super nodes can still cope with it, but the impact on the whole ecology is not so great.

So the question is, how is the founding team's control over the project community perfect?

04 postscript

BM used the analogy code for out-of-control trains, which is the choice between law and community governance. However, the EOS community is also a runaway train. In the face of internal and external troubles, the time left for EOS is really not much , BM and How will B1 respond? Will this community, called decentralization, be the arena between the whales and the project side?

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