Many companies at the 2nd China International Import Expo will explore the latest technologies including blockchain

According to the news, Liu Fuxue, deputy director of the China International Import and Export Bureau and vice president of the National Exhibition Center, revealed that in preparation for the second China International Import Expo, in order to adapt to domestic economic development and consumer consumption upgrades, a high-end consumer goods zone will be added this year. Increase the AR/VR, pension and other topics, and add outdoor large-scale machinery and vehicle exhibitions. Many companies will carry new first-generation products to participate in the exhibition. Many companies will launch the world's latest technology and explore the "black technology" such as the Internet of Things and blockchain. And the application of cutting-edge technology. At the same time, “unmanned driving” and baking areas will be set up to enhance the sense of experience and interaction. In addition, customs clearance facilitation and policy support measures will be further improved.