Market Analysis: No fears have been seen yet, it will take time to stop falling

In a country that issues "hard currency", if there is a trade surplus, it is a hell. This logic of our country's experts is not clear, the Americans will not know? What people want is not to narrow the trade gap, but to block your development speed. This contest is still going on, and the turmoil in the capital market will last for a long time. As a market trader, Soros once said: Financial markets are inherently unstable, especially in international financial markets. International capital flows are both glory and dry, and there are shorts and shorts. Where the market is chaotic, you can make money. If you identify confusion, you may become rich; the more chaotic the situation, the more daring investors will behave. This is not to encourage everyone to enter the market at this time, just to tell everyone that in the capital market must be in the opposite direction to most people, so you may live longer.


Yesterday, US stocks rebounded, but BTC did not appear to rise sharply. It also oscillated sideways at the key support level of US$10,000. Now the news has weakened the face of the disk, and individuals still think that this is a falling relay form. The volume continues to shrink, macd returns to zero axis and begins to diverge downward again. The indicator is good for shorts. The possibility of this round's downswing to break the low of August 15 will be very high. I have not bargained, and I still wait and see. If the target can be stabilized above the 5 antennas, it is likely to go up again to lower the pressure line. If it falls below the 10,000-dollar integer mark, it will fall below the low of August 15 and pay attention to the risk.


Judging from the performance of the current market, the target has no ability to take the independent market. In fact, regarding the trend of the target, we can observe how many new currencies have recently been known, and the currency on the market is representative of the market. More and more active, the target will have the possibility of rising water, but the current market environment is obviously not allowed, so the target is more of a follow-up trend, the target of the chasing chassis is not enthusiastic, with the current deal It is also unlikely that the volume will start to rebound. It is more likely to continue to fall back. There may be two kinds of movements after the target. One is to oscillate sideways, but to continue one of the moving averages. If there is a sideways volatility at this time. After the shock, there may be an upward rebound, but I still tend to continue down, because at least I have not seen any panic sentiment.


Regarding BNB, the trend is basically clear. The moving average system is short-sorted. The macd indicator is diverging downward again under the zero-axis. However, the downside of the target is very restrained. It is a bit like a lot of money. At present, only the amount of breakthroughs of 30 US dollars can reverse the downward trend, but the current possibility is not big, because the volume is gradually shrinking, personally think that the down cycle has been opened, from the current trend, the decline should be along 5 antennas, the first target of the downswing is around 24 US dollars, personally think that the support of 24 dollars has a high probability of being penetrated, and now there is no sign of the bottom, pay attention to the risk.

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